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Louis Hauller - Alsace - Muscat

AOP Alsace (Alsace), Muscat, White

A wonderful dry and very fruity Muscat ! Cheers!


To serve between : 8° and 10°C
You can keep it between : 3 to 5 years


Appearance : The wine is clear yellow in colour with light silvery glints.
Nose : This is the best example of a wine with primary aromas. The olfactory intensity is distinctively grapey. This fruit intensity is sometimes accompanied by subtle floral notes.
Palate : Vinified dry, it feels exactly like biting into a grape. The freshness and hint of refined bitterness contribute to the spontaneity and harmony of the wine.

Food pairings

This is a wine to be enjoyed young. With its dry character, Alsace Muscat is perfect for whetting the appetite. It is served as an aperitif at some the finest restaurants in Alsace. Unlike many wines, Muscat is an excellent pairing for asparagus. It brings out the best in light, vegetable-based dishes, both cooked and raw.


Granit Soil

In the vineyard

Our work is based on a minimum use of pesticides.
This beeing an alternative between conventional agriculture and organic farming.

100% hand picked harvest


This Muscat has been matured in temperature controlled stainless steel vats, in order to manage its evolution during the vinification