Louis Hauller - Alsace - Pinot Gris

AOP Alsace (Alsace), Pinot gris, White

Pinot gris is one of the so-called noble grapes of Alsace. It really has a complexe and smoky nose


To serve between : 8° and 10°C
You can keep it between : 3 to 5 years

Tasting notes

Appearance : Pinot Gris has a lovely yellow-gold colour.
Nose : Generally less intense, yet with great aromatic complexity, Pinot Gris often develops distinctive smoky notes. Given its inherent discretion, Pinot Gris benefits from decanting a few moments before being served, in order for its complexity to be fully appreciated.
Mouth : This is a noble wine that offers great substance, an admirable, lively roundness that tends toward a slightly sweet opulence, but always underpinned by delightful freshness. It is the balanced intensity that makes it so attractive.

Food and wine pairings

Pinot Gris is a wine whose strong personality pairs with richly flavoured dishes, and is the Alsace white wine that most successfully accompanies dishes most often intended for red wines.
Game, veal, pork and poultry, particularly when served with rich sauces, roasts, kidneys, mushrooms, risotto, polenta, etc. make this an ideal autumn pairing wine.Because of its balance between richness and crisp freshness, it is delicious with both sweet and sour flavour combinations. Foie gras, served in a variety of ways, delights in its presence.

The wine

The cool climate of Alsace is particularly well suited for Pinot gris, with its dry autumns allowing plenty of time for the grapes to hang on the vines, often resulting in wines of very powerful flavours.


Granit Soil

In the vineyard

Our work is based on a minimum use of pesticides.
This beeing an alternative between conventional agriculture and organic farming.

100% hand picked harvest


This Pinot Gris has been matured in temperature controlled stainless steel vats, in order to manage its evolution during the vinification